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¡¡¡¡Founded in 1986, our Jingjiang shuang jie High-efficiency Heat Exchanger Manufacture Co, Ltd is one of China¡¯s earliest manufacturers of pressure vessels of type I and II. Our major products are made up of four major series: heat exchangers, chemical vessels, large and medium-sized environment protection machines and water supply and purifying equipment. These four series include over 30 categories made up of over 400 specific items. Over the years, we have served many industrial and mining companies, providing designing, manufacturing, processing, installation and commissioning for the equipment we supplied to them, or undertaking complete projects. By far, we have provided hundreds of users with our equipment to their satisfaction. Our sales values have exceeded 30 million yuan for three consecutive years, and consequently, we have achieved increasingly better economic and social benefits. We strictly follow the national standards in the control of our product quality, and have in place a reliable quality assurance system. Our factory is a member of China¡¯s Petrochemical Group.
¡¡¡¡Our factory covers a land area of over 16,000m2 with the building area up to 8,000m2.We have over a hundred sets of machine tools and special equipment of various sizes,and boasts complete machinery processing equipment,full examination and test facilities and healthy quality assurance system.Currently, our factory owns 8,000,000yuan-worth of fixed assets with the self-owned assets up to 5.4 million yuan. It has been enjoying very good credit standing in government organizations and banks and among our users. Among the 300 employees of our factory, there are 45 professional and technical personnel, and a full amount of technical workers specialized in equipment designing and manufacturing, test and inspection, etc. For many years, we have established cooperation relations with relevant science & technological research and design organizations in the country, and have developed quite a few new products of special characteristics through joint efforts.
¡¡¡¡With our products characterized with high technologies, our high quality workers, strong technical and production capabilities and 20 years of experiences, we are confident in providing the users with the best possible solutions. We have, in different periods, been envolved in many large projects such as the copper foil production line of the National Space Industry, Zhenhai Refinery of China¡¯s Petrochemical General Company, Yangzhou No.2 Power Plant, Qinshan Atomic Power Station, Coal Gas Plant in Meizhou of Guangdong Province and many others, providing equipment as well as installation and commissioning services and complete technical services.
¡¡¡¡On the aspect of management and administration and new product development, our factory has been honored by the agriculture Bank of China as a special high credit standing enterprise, a trustworthy and faithful enterprise,a key enterprise,a civilized enterprise,a technologically-advanced enterprise, and have won the honor in the National Sparkle Projects. ¡°Solidarity, pioneering, being practical and innovation¡± is the spirit that we keep all the time; and ¡°quality first and credibility above everything¡± is the principle we always observe in serving our customers at large.